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American Music Theatre – Sat, Sep 16, 2023 2:00 PM

SELECT HERE FOR 7:30PM SHOW. The Beach Boys are one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands of all time.  For more than six decades, The Beach Boys’ music has been an indelible part of American history.  Between the 1960s and today, the group has had over 80 songs chart worldwide, 36 of them in the US Top 40 (the most by a US rock band,) and four topping the Billboard Hot 100.  Since the band’s co-founder, lead-singer, and chief lyricist Mike Love penned the lyrics to The Beach Boys’ first hit, “Surfin’” (1961,) dozens of the band’s chart toppers have become eternal anthems of American youth: “Surfin’ USA,” “Surfer Girl,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” “California Girls,” “Help Me Rhonda,” “Barbara Ann,” “Good Vibrations,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Rock and Roll Music,” and “Kokomo.”  Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and recipients of The Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in 2001, The Beach Boys are a beloved American institution that remains iconic around the world.

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